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Procedural Document of the List




The purpose of the electronic communication and discussion list of the graduates of Industrial Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University (from now on 'metu-ie-alumni'), is to create a mutual communication, understanding and cooperation environment among its members.


Those, who have completed anyone of undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs in METU Industrial Engineering Department; those who serve or have served as faculty in this department; the Productivity Club, which is founded and administered by students of this department; and the technical listowner appointed by METU Computer Center who is the legal owner of the server on which this list functions, are the natural members of this list. Other persons or institutions are not eligible to be members. Those who have got the right to be member once, have also the right to leave the list and return whenever they wish. 


In common life, expected behaviour from people is to feel, what should not be done in that community and behave in accordance, without listing them in detail as a set of rules. The same is expected from members of this list. Although it is accepted that the power of a system is measured according how much it is able to protect itself without bans and penalties, increasing number of members and mail traffic has forced the list, which is a contemporary network society, to define some of its "common values" and "ethical principles" and put them into force. Accordingly;
  • Considering that a great majority of members are working, to prevent the decrease and disappearance of their willingness to follow the list, the number of mails to the list should be limited with two per day per member. Occupation of the list by sending frequent mails is not allowed.

  • Expression of opinions in the list are free, but in expressing the opinions, other members should not be annoyed writing in a fearless, ill-mannered or impolite manner. Behaviours aiming to suppress other members or to keep them silent are not allowed. 

  • Members should respect and tolerate all kinds of political opinions, religious believes and atheism. Mutual blames, insults, teases, offense against political opinions, beliefs and atheism are not allowed.

  • If a discussion has turned to a dialogue between the same partners and if this situation annoys other members and warnings have been sent by other members to the list; discussing partners must take this into consideration and cease the ongoing discussion. It must be known that members widely do not prefer to use the DELETE button and the time they allocate to the list is very limited and valuable. 


Self-audit: Being conscious that a democratic structure assigns responsibility and commitment to members not less than the authority assigned to them; each member before pushing the SEND button, should check the mail if it is in accordance with common values and ethical principles defined above.

  • Some international examples of ethical principles of similar electronic lists are being offered in sistEM to list-members

Peer pressure: Members who are not acting according to these principles are being warned by other members openly in the list. The warning must include clearly which behaviour and/or expression is wrong, and explain their probable negative results.

Vertical pressure: The listowner officially warns member(s) about whom warnings have been sent to the list and/or himself/herself.

If all enforcements above have been applied, but no result has been obtained; the listowner asks the opinion of a 'consulting board', the members of which is selected by the listowner depending on their contribution during the preparation of this document and to the list in general. Then the listowner may suspend the membership of the related member(s) for "fifteen" days. If the related member(s) insist in their behaviour, this period is doubled, tripled, quadrupled and so on. If no other enforcement has been applied for that member(s) within following 12 months after the initial enforcement, this enforcement has been erased from his/her records.

If such enforcement is being applied to a member or members, other members can not write about him/her or them in the list, since s/he will not be able to follow the list and use his/her reply rights.


This Procedural Document is in effect starting 1 November 2001 and is assumed to be accepted by each member of this list in the very first place.

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